Opening Act Window Fashions has been your go-to source for commercial window treatments since 2006. To this day, we’ve been providing local businesses with custom and high-quality window coverings to enhance their office spaces. These window coverings not only add aesthetic value to your space, but they can also increase energy efficiency, durability, and with easy maintenance – the ideal blend between style and function! Opening Act Window Fashions takes pride in offering affordable elegance to ensure that your commercial space stands out with sophistication without breaking the bank.

Quality Products, Exceptional Customer Service, And Experienced Designers

Experience excellence with our Commercial Window Treatments tailored for you. Our seasoned team of designers is dedicated to fulfilling all your window covering needs in commercial spaces. From custom blinds, shades, and automated window coverings to draperies and shutters, we offer a range of bespoke solutions crafted precisely to your specifications. Rest assured with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on every order you place with us. Trust us not only to deliver top-notch products, but to elevate both the aesthetics and functionality of any environment you inhabit!

Discover our Commercial Window Treatments designed just for you. We’ve got the newest energy-saving options, like solar shades, honeycomb shades, and easy-to-use motorized window shades. Choose from affordable aluminum blinds that fit any budget, or go for the classic look of vertical blinds, perfect for big windows. Embrace the charm of beautiful hardwood blinds and faux wood blinds. Our expert team customizes timeless shutters just the way you want. We make it simple for you to create the perfect vibe with lovely fabrics for draperies and layering window treatments. Your satisfaction will always be our top priority, and we’re here to make your space uniquely yours.


Why Consider Us for Your Commercial Window Treatment Needs?

We recognize that every commercial space is distinct, with its own set of requirements and design preferences. Our commitment is to provide you with customized window treatment solutions that not only meet but exceed your expectations. Here are factors that we take into consideration:

We Consider Your Functional Needs

1. Light Control:
Daylight: Evaluate how much natural light you want in your space. Consider sheer fabrics for a soft glow or blackout options for optimal light control.

Glare Reduction: If your workspace is prone to glare, opt for solar shades or blinds that effectively manage sunlight while maintaining visibility.

2. Privacy:
Open Spaces: For collaborative areas, consider semi-sheer or opaque treatments that provide privacy without sacrificing natural light.

Private Offices: Utilize heavier fabrics like drapes or blinds for enhanced privacy in individual offices.

3. Energy Efficiency:
Insulation: Choose window treatments with insulating properties to regulate temperature and reduce energy costs.

Motorized Options: Explore motorized treatments for effortless control over light and temperature, enhancing energy efficiency.

We Align Your Aesthetic Preferences

1. Color and Design:
Branding: Incorporate your brand colors into the window treatments to create a cohesive look.

Patterns and Textures: Add visual interest with patterns or textured fabrics that complement your overall interior design.

2. Style Coordination:
Modern Spaces: Opt for clean lines and minimalist designs with options like roller shades or vertical blinds.

Traditional Settings: Choose classic drapes or Roman shades for a timeless and sophisticated appeal.

3. Durability and Maintenance:
High-Traffic Areas: Select durable materials that can withstand heavy use, such as vinyl or aluminum blinds.

Ease of Cleaning: Consider low-maintenance options like faux wood blinds or washable fabrics for convenient upkeep.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What types of commercial window treatments are available?
We offer various commercial window treatments, from classic blinds to modern shades; a large variety of options to cater to different preferences. Vertical blinds, roller shades, and solar shades are popular choices, offering versatility and style.
Our energy-efficient window treatments, like cellular shades or insulated curtains, can contribute to temperature regulation. They provide insulation, reducing heat transfer and potentially lowering energy costs.
Absolutely! Opening Act Window Fashions provides motorized window treatments that add convenience and efficiency. This allows you to control natural light with the touch of a button. They are ideal for large or hard-to-reach windows and can be integrated into smart building systems.

Our experts suggest window treatments that balance privacy and natural light. Sheer curtains or semi-sheer options maintain privacy while allowing light in, while blackout shades offer complete privacy for sensitive areas like meeting rooms.

Our professional installers make sure that window treatments are tailored to the requirements of commercial spaces. Our expertise ensures a streamlined process, compliance with regulations, and optimal product selection that offers functionality while remaining stylish. Invest in professionals for hassle-free experiences that last in terms of aesthetic appeal and durability.