We all like our windows to be covered, as without shades or blinds we will find the comfort of our home being disrupted by the outside world. You would not want to deal with the wandering eyes of your neighbors when you are spending some quiet time in the living room. Isn’t it? With automated window coverings, you can create a boundary for your personal space and dial up the level of privacy as per your need and all this linked with technology takes away the burden of additional effort from you.

Automated window coverings are motorized marvels, and they are not just about looks. The functionality that they provide is unparalleled. You can easily control them with your smartphone, as these are accessible from anywhere and at any time.

We at Opening Act Window Fashions have been in the home improvement industry for many years and we are known for our innovative solutions and good business practices. We specialize in providing our customers with window automation solutions and helping them maximize the efficiency of their homes.

Reasons To Choose
Automated Window Coverings

With automated window coverings, you have the power to control the window shades throughout your home with a remote control or your very own smartphone. Apart from this convenience, there are many more compelling reasons to choose these:

  • These can be programmed, which means you can configure various settings like time, position, etc. Once programmed, you can simply press a button to adjust the shades.
  • These are cordless, making them safe for pets and kids.
  • We can help you select blinds and shades that are clean and sleek to give your home a beautiful modern look.
  • These window coverings can adjust themselves per the weather outside and thus help you with a lot of savings on utility bills.
  • When you install an automated window blind and shade you increase the value of your home.
  • Any windows that are hard to reach, can become easily accessible and can be opened or closed with the touch of a button.

With our smart motorized window shades, you can change the way you live in and experience your home. Our team can give you a quick contemporary lifestyle upgrade and that too, while keeping your needs in mind and stitching them in our plan and deployment.

Why Choose Us

When you consider installing smart motorized window shades, the first thing you need to do is look for an expert service provider. We understand that with so many options available you are bound to get overwhelmed. So, here are some factors that set us apart and can help you trust us and bank upon us for an impeccable job:

  • Our team at Opening Act Window Fashions is experienced and skilled to understand different customers, their needs and create bespoke solutions.
  • We don’t believe in forcing upon a solution, but we consult our customers and show them all the available options and work with them to figure out the most suitable solution.
  • We provide a warranty for our services, which means your money will not go in vain if there is any damage to the product.