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Premium Top Treatments in Mission Viejo, CA

A drab, lifeless space is the last place anyone wants to spend time in. If your home’s interior isn’t quite there yet, why not let Opening Act Window Fashions transform it with premium top treatments? From cornices to valances, the perfect coverings for any windows start with an eye for design.

Our team of designers creates stylish interiors throughout Mission Viejo, CA! When you choose our window specialists, you’ll get top-notch service from industry experts who provide the best window treatments for a charming and more attractive home.

Top Window Treatments — A World of Possibilities

What are “top treatments” in windows? These upper window accents serve both visual and functional purposes.

For example, top treatments simultaneously add decorative value and conceal unsightly hardware, like curtain rods. That’s why Opening Act Window Fashions carries such a large collection of them, including countless cornices and valances. These options are also fully customizable for perfect materials, shades, sizes, and styles.

Plus, with a convenient Shop-at-Home option from our seasoned window professionals, we can bring a wide selection straight to your property with a qualified design expert.

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Types of Top Treatments

Wood Blinds

Cornices are hard adornments covering the upper portion of the window. These statement-making pieces are usually wood or metal. They pair well with more dramatic interior styles.

Faux Wood Blinds

Typically, valances are pleated or ruffled panels of fabric that hang loosely across the top of a window. Valances cover any hardware and add subtle character to the room. 

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Things to Consider When Buying Top Treatments

Before picking up new top treatments, consider your goal: are you going to look or function? For example, cornices aid visual effects, while valances are more cost-effective and can serve the same purpose. With all the colors, materials, and patterns on hand, it’s also easy to choose top treatments for your windows that perfectly complement your space’s theme and furnishings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most popular window top treatments?

The most popular window top treatments are valances, cornices, swags, and cascades.

The three types of valances that professionals address are:

  • Gathered
  • Scarf
  • Straight

Choose valances for your windows by seeking help from skilled window treatment professionals who can provide the perfect top treatments and other window solutions.

Window Treatment Solutions

Transform your place’s aesthetic with new window coverings from Opening Act Window Fashions! Call (949) 215-5554 today for window treatment solutions and more.