Every room in your home has a specific purpose and it means the features and installations in it need to suit that function too. Window treatments aren’t just for covering windows or providing shade- they are a very important aspect of the overall décor of the room and become the backdrop for many other elements in it. We can provide the types of custom window shades you want ranging from solar shades, honeycomb shades to cellular shades, motorized or automatic shades to roman shades and more.

Our Shades Selection

Installing the right kind of shades can enhance the appeal of a room, add shade, provide privacy and improve the energy efficiency of your home as well. Many homeowners prefer roller shades for large windows in their living rooms etc. because these features ‘disappear’ once they have been rolled up, leaving a very neat and chic look to the room. But choosing the right shades is vital in making sure these objectives are met. Our team of experts will help you pick the perfect roller shades for your setting. Whether you want room darkening shades or ones that keep out the UV rays of the sun, we have the solutions for you.
Where space is at a premium or a streamlined and seamless look is desired, stackable window coverings provide the best functionality. Roman shades are a great solution for applications such as these and are available in a variety of materials and fabrics. Once rolled up, they gather together at the top of the window in very gentle, luxurious folds and can be used in living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms and more. The can be used to block light from windows in conference rooms and other meeting areas in commercial spaces too. In most situations, the custom Roman shades we provide lend a very clean-lined architectural appeal to most spaces.
There is something very appealing about bamboo shades and we make these installations even more appealing with our customized touch. Our company offers beautiful grass shades and natural woven bamboo shades from famous brands like Horizons Window Fashions. Not only are these window treatments elegant and stylish, but will complement all types of décor and interior design elements. You can choose from shades of different colors and hues to create the effect you want in your home or office space. Bamboo shades are also an environmentally-friendly window dressing, making them a great solution for people looking for these options.
When it comes to window shades, nothing beats the convenience that automated window shades offer. These features are truly a class apart and the custom shades we create for you are sure to uplift the look of any space, commercial or residential. We recognize that our clients will settle for nothing but the best and we only use the best automation systems. We are certified to provide Somfy and Serena Lutron window treatment automation products. Based on your requirements, you can choose between infrared and motorized radio frequency and infrared systems that are either hardwired or operate on battery power.
While there are a large number of window blinds products on the market, creating a unique and appealing look in your home or office is about making the right styling and material choices. This is where our vast knowledge and experience come in. We work closely with you to create superb window treatments that complement the appeal of your furniture and décor and uplift the look of the space. Our designers have years of experience behind them and will ensure that the custom solutions they provide meet your needs and budget. Uncompromising quality, exquisite craftsmanship, and long-lasting, competitively-priced window treatments are what you get when you opt for our services.
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