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If the rooms in your house are feeling dull and lifeless, even minor changes could make a world of difference. Consider Roman shades one of those minor adjustments with a major impact!

Roman shades are both visually pleasing and high-functioning when installed by the right team. For instance, Opening Act Window Fashions offers a wide variety of these shades and more that give you an easy upgrade for any room in the house! With more than 15 years of industry experience, you can trust our design experts to help you pick the perfect set.

Roman Shades

Why Choose Custom Roman Shades?

There are several reasons people turn to Roman shades, including the following:

  • A modern elegance that elevates any room’s aesthetic
  • A variety of colors, patterns, fabrics, and sizes available
  • A fit for any style interior, from vibrant and cheerful to serene and understated
  • Adjustable light control to offer more even temperature regulation

Who enjoys leaving the house for shopping these days? Another reason so many people choose Roman shades from Opening Act Window Fashions is our Shop-at-Home service. Now, you can get the window treatments you need from the comfort of your home! 

Blackout Roman with Gathered Valance Shade

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Roman Shades’ Style Options

Roman Shades’ Style Options

Today’s Roman shades are just as beautiful as they once were, but the modern versions come in a diverse collection of styles, including example descriptions such as:

  • Plain
  • Relaxed
  • Hobbled
  • London
  • Bubble
  • Linen fold

Do you want complete control over the color, fabric, and movement mechanism? Custom Roman shades offer all that and more.

Things to Consider When Buying Custom Roman Shades

Purchasing Roman shades from Opening Act Window Fashions is a great decision. Decide why you’re getting new window treatments (looks or function), then run with the options.

For instance, if you’re going for aesthetics, your shades must match the style of your furniture and other home decor. If you want to operate your shades conveniently, drop the manual Roman shades and choose the convenience of cordless, automated options.

Don’t forget to think about the top-down and bottom-up styles when browsing our selection.

Custom Roman Shades

Frequently Asked Questions

Start your window treatment journey today with Opening Act Window Fashions. Here, we cover common questions about blinds to help make informed decisions for your space.

How long do Roman shades last?

Roman shades last around seven years.

Thin fabrics like silk, linen, and cotton are ideal for Roman shades.

Yes, Roman shades block out heat and sun.

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