Opening Act Window Fashions has been providing expert window treatment design advice and services for over 15 years, specializing in custom-designed draperies to turn windows into focal points in both homes and commercial settings. Our skilled team specializes in offering solutions such as curtains that elevate any environment – both at residential properties and businesses alike.

Draperies and Top Treatments

At Opening Act Window Fashions, we understand the uniqueness of every home. As a homeowner, you meticulously choose each feature with care and attention. No compromise, only personalized drapery solutions for different areas of your home. We bring the showroom experience to you with our mobile van, stocked with samples and books. Feel the fabrics and visualize them in your space—because we believe your home deserves a touch of perfection.

Roll Pleat Drapery


Homeowners frequently turn to window drapes as part of an upgrade in living spaces, and our approach involves working closely with them to identify their preferred styles for styling purposes and provide solutions tailored specifically for them.​ Whether that means creating a chic living room ambiance with wave drapery or adding sophistication with pleated drapery in master bedrooms – whatever meets your desired ambiance or sophistication needs, we have the solution that meets it! Additionally, our experts specialize in designing casual curtain installations suitable for relaxing seating areas or vibrant café curtains to add flare to kitchen environments!

Sheer Curtains


Curtains remain an iconic choice in an age-old market of new products, easily matching blinds and shades. Our collection offers various fabrics and styles – such as timeless box pleats, contemporary cased headings, or refined pinch pleats – which add sophistication.

At Opening Act Windows Fashion, we believe there are no boundaries when it comes to design possibilities. From tab-top curtains with intimate flair or tailored pleats that radiate sophistication – to formal-styled curtains that strike an impeccable balance between style and professionalism in an office environment – there’s an unlimited range of design solutions at our fingertips!

Blackout Roman with Gathered Valance Shade


Valances once played an essential part in window decor; however, with rising minimalist trends, they lost some popularity. Today, however, homeowners are rediscovering valances’ charm, appreciating how they add an elegant and tailored appearance to any room.

Custom valances from our designers reflect your sense of style more than mere window dressings can. No matter whether your taste is for contemporary aesthetics or classic charm, our experts possess the know-how to craft custom valances that seamlessly incorporate your ideas and vision. Crafted to add softness, pattern, and color into any living space for enhanced ambiance in every room of the house.



Cornices from our collection are meticulously hand-crafted with exquisite designs to add sophistication and elevate the overall aesthetic of any space. Crafted with top-quality materials, our cornices not only look aesthetically pleasing, but will withstand time as heirlooms for generations.

Our designers have the expertise to design cornices that will add color and softness to the room. Choose from classic to minimalist styles to find one to complement your interior design aesthetic; our diverse collection has something suitable for everyone’s taste – no need for complex processes. Elevate any area effortlessly with minimal hassle – simply elevate without the need for unnecessary upgrades!

Things to Consider When Buying Draperies

Choosing the perfect draperies for your windows involves thoughtful consideration of various factors that blend both form and function seamlessly.

Finding Harmony in Design

1. Window Size and Shape

Embrace the uniqueness of your windows by selecting draperies that complement their size and shape. From grand bay windows to cozy nooks, the right drapery style enhances the overall aesthetic.

2. Light Control

Strike a balance between natural light and privacy. Opt for sheer fabrics to invite soft sunlight, or blackout draperies for a cozy ambiance in bedrooms and media rooms.

3. Color and Pattern Coordination

Infuse personality into your space by choosing draperies that harmonize with your existing color scheme. Whether it’s a bold pattern statement or a subtle tone-on-tone look, let your draperies tell a story.

Functional Elegance

4. Fabric Selection

Consider the functionality of the space. Heavy fabrics like velvet offer insulation and a touch of luxury, while lightweight linen exudes an airy, casual vibe. Tailor your fabric choice to your room’s purpose.

5. Hardware and Accessories for an Engaging Experience.

Enhance the aesthetics of your draperies with stylish hardware. From elegant rods to decorative tiebacks, every detail counts when selecting finishes coordinating with your decor and bringing together an entire room.

6. Upkeep and Care

Make life simpler by selecting draperies tailored specifically to your lifestyle. Machine-washable materials or easy-care fabrics make for easier care in busy households, while simultaneously giving your space an effortless style.

Tilt Shutters

Frequently Asked Questions about Draperies

What Are the Advantages of Drapes in My Home?
Drapes offer both functional and aesthetic advantages when added to any home, such as offering greater privacy, controlling light levels more precisely, increasing energy efficiency, and adding sophistication and style.
Begin by measuring your window width, adding inches on either side for full and luxurious draperies that touch the floor beautifully. Ultimately, measure the length from the top of the window frame down; add extra inches if you desire them splayed elegantly over the floor level. (this creates classic and timeless effects).
Drapes come in an array of fabrics with their own distinctive texture and appearance; popular choices for draperies include silk, linen, and velvet and cotton. When choosing your fabric selection make sure it complements both your decor and functional needs for optimal use.
Regular maintenance of your draperies is vitally important. Vacuuming with a soft brush attachment, spot cleaning, or professional services might all play an essential part. Please refer to care instructions carefully, since certain fabrics require professional cleaning – do not use harsh chemicals that could potentially do further damage!
Absolutely. Many retailers provide the option for customization that enables you to select fabrics, colors, and styles that reflect your aesthetic preferences. Whether it be minimalist for modern living rooms or more classic options for traditional spaces – there will always be options perfect for you!
Refresh your living space with our exquisite drapery collection! If you need assistance from our knowledgeable team in finding a balance between functionality and beauty for your home, feel free to reach out – they are all there to assist.