No room is complete without some form of window treatment. The size, shape, and styling of your windows and glass doors will decide which feature would frame them perfectly. In addition to traditional curtains and drapes, blinds too add a stunning look to indoor spaces. They can be used exclusively or in combination with heavy drapes and choosing the right styling and material will decide what the aesthetic will be.

Our Blinds Selection

Enjoy the luxuriousness of solid wood blinds. They add an instant upgrade to any room. You can choose your choice of finish on them in any color of paint to match your decor or any shade of stain to match your trim work. The finish you choose highlights the wood grain in your blinds for a beautiful product. Wood blinds are durable and long-lasting products that have excellent light control by tilting the vanes as well.
Faux wood blinds allow you to enjoy the same appearance as hardwood blinds but at a lower price point. This type of blind is treated so that it resists cracking, splitting, warping, bowing, or fading in bright sunlight. They are made from a combination of materials that enables you to use this blind in rooms with high moisture, such as bathrooms and kitchens. Faux wood blinds are also lighter in weight than wood blinds and they are durable and long-lasting as well.
Match any decor with modern aluminum binds for a classic and traditional appearance. You now have many choices in aluminum blinds including the finishes of mattes, metallics, and pearlescent, soft hues. You can also choose between several slat sizes to control your light and privacy. Metal blinds are sleek and stylish and have been a favorite among homeowners for decades.
Your ideal choice for large windows or sliding glass doors is vertical blinds. Vertical blinds were specially made for these applications where horizontal blinds would be too heavy for the lifting mechanism and wear out prematurely. Vertical blinds support the individual slats at the top of the window or door and they glide open easily. You can have the stack when they are closed on either side and choose from a variety of materials including aluminum, beautiful fabrics, and vinyl.