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If you check what new window treatments are available in the market today, you will find there are drapes of all kinds that are ready for use and you can just buy and get them installed on your windows. However, it’s always a good idea to get custom-made drapes for your home or commercial establishment. This adds a very unique appearance to your property.

Opening Act Window Fashions provides all types of customized window treatments to customers across Mission Viejo, Aliso Viejo, Laguna Hills, San Clemente, and Irvine. They also cater to clients in and around Santa Ana, Laguna Beach, Costa Mesa, Orange, Newport Beach, and Huntington Beach. There is a range of drape styles and materials to choose from such as:

  • Wave Drapery- This is a distinct favorite with many property owners; the look of these window drapes is very uncomplicated and contemporary. It complements the look of various interior design styles and will match different types of furnishing. These drapes have beautifully shaped folds; once you open them, they stack very neatly to one side and when you close them, they return to their original position.
  • Pleated Drapery- You could choose from updated/classic styles; they have conventional stiffening in their headers, which gives them a very neat and crisp look.
  • Casual Drapery- If you don’t like something so prim & proper and like a softer and relaxed look in your home, you should opt for casual drapery. This looks casual, but skilled window treatment designers can ensure these installations have a very self-assured and well-finished look. You will find there is also a wide variety of hardware to enhance the look of the drapes.
  • Cafe Curtains- These drapes have a very quaint and classic look and almost never seem to go out of style- they are ideal for spaces like kitchens and breakfast nooks. They are superbly styled, simple yet classic and complement the look of contemporary décor too.


When you choose to get custom draperies for your home, you will find they accentuate the room very well. There are a number of benefits to opting for these window treatments, such as:

  • You can get  the look you want
  • Choose from a range of styles, patterns and fabrics
  • If you have very large or off-shaped/sized windows, customization is the only way to get the perfect draperies
  • When you customize the drapes, it’s possible for you to add coordinated furnishing and  accessories in various rooms and this lends the space a very cohesive look


For a more complete look, you can add fringes, ties, pleats, trims and other decorative drapery hardware. In case you look online, you will find there is a vast variety to choose from and you can create the look you want on your property.

It’s important to get a skilled and experienced company like Opening Act Window Fashions to handle the installation of customized window treatments for you. They would ensure you get the best services at the best drapes cost. 

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